Dorrigo and the Dingo Woman

Journey to the other side of the world with writer and performance artist Michelle Lunicke, as she travels through Australia meeting wonderful people and having adventures. Feel like you’re there, as she introduces people like Amargi Wolf, who lives off the grid in the Dorrigo Mountains and is an Ecological Warrior and runs a Dingo rescue. Discover this hero’s journey!


Off the Grid

After leaving Newcastle, I had the pleasure of staying with Amargi Wolfe who lives in the Dorrigo Mountains, about an hour West of Coffs Harbor. Amargi is off the grid by my standards. She has a small one-bedroom house that relies on solar power during the day and generator power at night. The only other place I’ve been to like this is Waldron Island out in the San Juan’s in Washington State. Things we take for granted are a bit of a procedure here. Washing dishes for example, requires soaping and scrubbing them with the undrinkable tap water and then sanitizing them with boiled rainwater. Only boiled rainwater and the comparatively little amount of bottled water is safe to drink. Hot water comes the old-fashioned way by heating it on the gas stove, which is no doubt the hub of the kitchen. If you want a shower…

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